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DNA Appliances

DNA Dental Appliances in San Francisco

Union Square Cosmetic Dentistry offers DNA dental appliances to treat a variety of dental complications. This technologically advanced method is provided by Edna Santos, DDS, an accredited dentist with a passion for oral health. She provides this life-changing service to her patients in San Francisco and Union Square.

The human body is fantastically regenerative. Our bones are malleable and adaptable to forces of both destruction and construction. Jaw bones, for example, can shift in shape and arrangement with the eruption and loss of teeth. DNA dental appliances work with the regenerative qualities of our bones to correct orthodontic and jaw misalignment, comfortably correcting malocclusion and TMJ disorders alike. 

Why DNA Appliances? 

DNA appliances engage the patient’s genetic disposition to encourage proper alignment, without surgery or permanent uncomfortable brackets and wires. This epigenetic jaw orthopedics method offers a host of benefits compared to surgical and traditional methods. DNA appliance treatments are: 

  • painless 
  • non-surgical
  • natural 
  • effective 

A Congenial Alternative   

DNA appliances widen the palate, the roof of the mouth that doubles as the sinus floor. This area is influential to facial structure, teeth spacing, and the function of the airway. 

Widening the palate is a remedy for many conditions, including TMJ disorders, crooked teeth, and obstructive sleep apnea. Traditional methods like braces and surgical realignment are expensive, time-consuming, and create an intensive healing process. 

How Do DNA Appliances Work? 

Rather than forcing an unnatural alignment with surgery or traditional orthodontics, this advanced method works with the patient’s body to produce long-lasting results. 

The DNA appliance expands the upper arch space with gentle, intermittent pressure. The lower jaw responds to the expansion of this space by moving forward into a more natural position in relation to the TMJ muscles and jaw bone anatomy. This in turn will expand the airway, as the body no longer constricts the passage to compensate for lack of space. 

An experienced provider like Dr. Santos will study detailed records of her patients’ anatomy in order to create these highly effective appliances. The retainers are usually constructed with acrylic and metal, and can adjust to aid in the three-dimensional expansion of the palate.

Choose Union Square Cosmetic Dentistry for Your DNA Dental Appliance 

Our practice offers DNA appliance therapy at our San Francisco Dental practice. Our office is technology advanced, with Waterlase® laser-assisted treatment, 3D CBCT scanning, and DNA appliance services. Choose Dr. Santos for top quality care and exceptional results. We look forward to working with you!



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