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One of the prime tenets of dentistry is to always save teeth that can be saved, and only replace those that cannot.

We hold this directive close to our hearts at Union Square Cosmetic Dentistry. No prosthetic will ever be as sturdy and reliable as your own natural dental structure.

Usually, a tooth that has been damaged by decay or normal wear can be restored with methods that leave most of the original structure intact. Sometimes, though, a tooth is missing or so severely damaged that there is no option but extraction. In these cases, Edna Santos, DDS, replaces teeth with beautiful prosthetics that complete the smile.


Fillings are a routine restorative procedure that most people will experience at some point in their lives. When acidic plaque and bacteria breach the hard enamel of a tooth’s surface, they begin eating away at the softer inside, known as the dentin.

As the dentin is diminished, caries form, more commonly referred to as a cavity. To treat cavities, Dr. Santos removes excess decay from the tooth to stop its spread, then fortifies the space with a composite, tooth-colored resin that returns structural integrity.


Sometimes, a tooth can become heavily decayed above the gum line, but the root is still strong and healthy. In cases such as these, the tooth can be saved with a life-like ceramic cap called a crown.

These crowns are custom-made to match the color and contour of your natural teeth. After the deteriorated surface of the tooth is removed, the crown is cemented over it, sealing the restoration in place and preventing further decay in much the same way that a filling does.

Solutions for Missing Teeth

A gap in your smile can impact more than just your self-esteem. Speech, eating habits, and comfort are all affected by missing teeth. Furthermore, teeth help support each other. When there are gaps between them, the entire dental structure can shift to fill in the void, potentially throwing all of the surrounding teeth into misalignment.

Bridges are restorations that can replace up to 3 missing teeth in a row. These beautiful prosthetics are made to match your existing teeth, and are anchored by crowns fitted to the adjacent dentition.

Dentures, both full and partial, are meant to replace many teeth at once. These are molded to the shape of your gums and original teeth, and are usually supported either by metal brackets or suction and dental adhesive.

Restoring Smiles in San Francisco

Union Square Cosmetic Dentistry has been completing smiles in Union Square and San Francisco at large for more than 25 years.

Give us a call today to schedule your visit with Dr. Santos, and find out what we can do for your smile.


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