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Laser Dentistry with Waterlase Biolase in San Francisco

The dental laser is at the forefront of dental technology. With the help of lasers, dentists are making many services more comfortable and effective for their patients. At Union Square Cosmetic Dentistry, we utilize these technological advances with exceptional laser dentistry to ensure the satisfaction of our patients.

Edna Santos, DDS, has equipped her San Francisco dental office with the Waterlase® BIOLASE® laser system. This profoundly impactful system improves upon many of the procedures we offer. 

The Benefits of Laser Assisted Dentistry 

When choosing a dentist, it’s important to consider their methods and equipment. One such important piece of equipment is a dental laser, because of its many benefits to dental treatment. There is a multitude of advantages to using a dental laser, including: 

Less anesthetic. Dental lasers are less painful than their traditional counterparts. Often, patients require no anesthetic for deep cleanings and simple fillings. 
Inherently antibiotic. Bacteria and germs perish under the wavelength of a dental laser. These methods are inherently antibiotic and contribute to the success of various procedures.  
Stimulating new growth. The frequency of our Waterlase Biolase dental laser can be adjusted to stimulate the cells and encourage new tissue growth. This is an excellent feature when used during scalings and pocket reductions. 

The Waterlase Advantage 

Using laser energy, air, and a controlled water spray, Biolase is changing the face of dentistry with their Waterlase laser. The Waterlase laser is virtually painless, often requiring no anesthetic or sedation, as the gentle laser and quiet machinery keep patients calm and comfortable. Waterlase empowers dentists to complete multiple treatments in a single visit. 

The Waterlase laser is incredibly precise. It removes the minimum amount of tooth, bone, or tissue necessary to complete a procedure; further, Waterlase lasers do not damage or crack the rest of the tooth (unlike dental drills, which cause heat and distress upon the tooth).

It’s approved for use on patients of all ages and is an asset to both patient and dentist.

Choose Dr. Santos for Laser-Assisted Dental Services 

At our San Francisco dental practice, we utilize the Waterlase Biolase dental laser system. Dr. Santos and her team at Union Square Cosmetic Dentistry stand by our dental laser system as an excellent option for a variety of treatments. If you have more questions about laser dentistry or any of our other services, please feel free to browse our website or give us a call. We look forward to working with you!



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